Monday, September 30, 2013

Schönen Guten Tag!

Hey, sorry about last week (the 6-minute e-mail from 9/23/13)! It was just pretty crazy. But lots of fun! This week was also pretty cool, but I wasn't even here for half the week! I was in Munich on Tuesday and and came back Wednesday morning. I had a tausch with Elder Bailey, who is incredible! I learned so much from him. We drove around Munich to go by on people, met with a new convert, and I saw the Garmisch mountains on the horizon! I miss mountains haha. Then, came back to Stuttgart, and took off again on Thursday morning to go to Ludwigsburg, where I had a tausch with Elder Morrill! He is also awesome! :) He plays the guitar really well. One day I may be like him. Haha. OH guess what? I don't need to buy a coat anymore. I just decided to tough it out... haha yeah right, I got a nice coat for FREE! From the Ludwigsburg apartment! AND!!! I sewed two whole buttons on it to fix it :) Aren´t you proud of me? I am pretty impressed. So I will survive now, and I didn't have to pay a cent!
Other than last week, not much new stuff going on. We found almost double the potential investigators this week as a zone! That is awesome. But, on our side, it is just ridiculous how we lose contact so quickly! It drives us nuts! I sent K_____ a text last night, and still haven't heard a thing from him. We stopped by his mom's house to see if she knew anything, and she was rather rude for no reason. And nothing else from any of the others. R_____#2 cancelled AGAIN. So all of our lessons this week were with R_____#1! She is doing well, except we tell her EVERY time that she doesn't need to cook or bake anything, but she does it. It always tastes good, but it takes so much time! We are really just working on understanding how much she is understanding what we teach. We watched the Restoration with her and it was so great, I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, it is witnessed every time I see the film or think about all the things he did. But we need to make sure she is really listening, and understanding. But we will meet pretty often this week, hopefully. We are going to Munich again, crazy how it is time again already! I only have two more of these mission leadership council meetings. I really enjoy them.
Thanks for all your advice and your suggestions and such about success. As you can tell, it has been getting me down the last who-knows-how-long. BUT! This week it changed. I was happier, felt lighter, and my goal for this week is to just avoid stress! Hakuna matata haha. We want to enjoy our time as zone leaders, not look back and think about how stressful it was. So it should be a good week. 
Look, I balanced two 50 cent coins on top of each other! I wanted to send that picture last week but couldn't.
Thanks for the pictures of everyone, they all look happy, like we should be as missionaries! It is the best thing ever! What an adventure.
Didn't get to see R_____#3 this last week, had other appointments fall out, but that is the norm. We got to do service for a less active brother in the ward, and we want to meet his nonmember daughter and his mother! Those are the people who actually last as investigators, when it comes from members! That is the best way, that is the Lord´s way. invite the missionaries over, you don't have to feed them, just have them teach you the lessons! There is a feast of spiritual knowledge that the world needs, and they need it much more than we need real food. Help them out!
Sorry, there isn't much more to report on, next week will be better. It wil be a good, stress free week :)  Until then, take care! I love you all, and I love my Father in Heaven for the plan He has for us. Thank Him in all that you do.
Keep smiling!
Elder Jalen Gibbons

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