Monday, October 28, 2013


Mom and Dad, I don´t know exactly how you came to the point where you both talked about testimony in your emails, but it is something that has been on my mind so much recently. The questions that Dad asked me were pointed and went straight to my heart. Zum Glück, not because I was guilty of a weak testimony, but it was a sign of the truth, the truth of the many things I have been going through the last weeks.
I don´t know exactly what I will think of my time in Stuttgart when I leave. My first transfer here had its difficulties, but they were rare and small. But the last 3 transfers have been SO HARD! Difficulties and frustration spotted with glimpses of happiness and bliss. The whole "success" factor comes in. I really appreciated Dad´s thoughts about success, how there is only One person we are trying to impress. I have had that always in my mind, and Elder Horlacher has quoted it often, too.  So, thanks Dad for putting things simply and clearly for us both. I am very grateful that you went on a mission and have experienced at least mostly the same things that the normal missionary does. I wish we had talked more before the mission and throughout the past 18 months. But thanks for always being there anyways.
I don´t know how to describe the last weeks/months any other way than hard. Rough. Discouraging. We have seen miracles, because my God is a God of miracles. But it didn't ultimately change the circumstances. Just reminders that this is His work. I have had moments that were so much fun, and where I really felt love for the other missionaries in our zone and/or district, and investigators and members. And loving others makes me happy.
I have found myself being more caught up on doing everything in a good time than actually enjoying the time that I have with people! Now this is not always, because I have slapped myself in the face hard enough a couple times to remember to just be GRATEFUL!!! That helps, a lot.
Now, how does this all tie into testimony? Inmitten from my numerous thoughts and ponderings, I have decided that although my testimony is strong, I just don´t share it enough lately.  I bear my testimony frequently, but I don´t want to be in a rush and just say the things everyone says, even if it is the truth. I want to mean it.
We´ve made goals to get more time just talking to people on the street. Doing the stuff I did in Landshut with Elder Allan, where I was happy and at least partly satisfied, and where we saw miracles happen, like Sympla and Bendito. Yeah, all that crazy stuff hasn't happened here, but I take Alma 26:27 to heart, knowing that if I bear the burdens of the last transfers with patience, it will all make sense one day. I believe that.
I don´t know why I have experienced the things I have. I don´t know why it has been so hard. But I hope and pray that I can make my testimony strong, and be ready to face life´s challenges, like Dad asked me.
I do not know what life will bring. Like I said, I need lots of help, a great wife and great friends and family, to make it through. I don´t know how I will do it all. I don´t know if one day I will lose my job, lose a loved one, experience the heartache of a straying loved one, but I DO know one thing.  I know that the Savior will help me through. I know that it will all one day make sense. All the trials we endure will be made up to us. I know that my faith in Him will get me through anything. And with that faith that I have now, I am comforted, safeguarded against the coming storms of life.
There is so much confusion in the world, so many distractions from what is really important. So when the trials don´t stop, and the hardships continue, I will drink the bitter cup and move on. I am working on that as we speak.  Now it's time to move on and trust in the happier days to come, and to make today that happy day. Thanks for your thoughts and your love, which means so much to me.
SO, some quick updates. R_____ has a baptismal date for the 23 of November! We are very excited for her. We also found a new investigator from a less active member. She is a member and her husband isn't, but he knows that one day he will be. Just loves wine too much. He is way cool and so ready, loves the gospel in his home. We are going to meet hopefully every week!
I hope you have a great Halloween and a great week! Find ways to keep your tesimonies strong, and share them. Trust me, that is essential.
I love you all!
Elder Jalen Gibbons

Monday, October 21, 2013

Griaß oink

Hello :)
Hey, I learned a bit of Spanish this week and used it with the ladies who come to English class! "Sie(they); como estas?" + "Ich: moi bien, y usted?" = Sie(they): really impressed!!! :) math. Makes sense.
I have a list of things I have to tell you about! But first, when it is still possible, I have another Christmas wish. Just the Best of EFY CD from 2011, Believe.Hope.Endure. Awesome CD. Um, anything else that I need to NOT forget.... I am going to try and contact someone from the American ward today who could take us to Panzer to go to the BX and get cheap luggage. I must say, it is pretty great not to have to worry about going over the weight limit anymore hahahahaha. But I still want new lederhosen, otherwise I won´t be able to properly distract Elder Orchard when he plays basketball gegen BYU. And they are awesome. But I dont want to buy them in Baden Württemburg, Bayern or Austria wäre cooler. Anyway, random thoughts....
Okay, on to business. :) I learned a new soccer trick! It is the around the world move, where you spin your leg around the suspended-in-midair-yet-still-under-the-influence-of-gravity ball and keep going :) but I added a reverse orbit on it. So, one time around clockwise, then tap it and go back around counter clockwise. I was pretty impressed. Yes, I know everyone can do that,but I hadn't ever succeeded. Now, don´t just think I spend all my free time with a soccer ball. Here is the story behind it (it is actually a pretty sad story, teilweise, so feel free not to read it): We had decided with the Sisters to do a fußball activity on Saturday morning, because they have a couple investigators from Venezuela who play (they played with us one pday, it was fun) and we had R_____#3, who was excited to play. But, the Venezuela guys cancelled, so the sisters didn't come, but R_____ was still very excited about it. So Elder Horlacher and I went. And R_____ showed up. Wasted. He tried to do a rainbow kick and face planted. Then Elder Horlacher gave him a ball in the air, a little bit out of reach, and R_____ ran full power into the metal fence, and was lying on the ground for five minutes groaning. We told him before, when he showed up, that he was in no  condition to play, but he insisted. It was actually impressive what he could still do even when he was drunk. So anyway, I tried just a few tricks, learned that new one, and everything we both did, trickwise, was SO COOL for R_____. That is that story. If that teaches anyone anything, how about NOT RUINING YOUR LIFE WITH ALCOHOL! I am pretty done with the alcohol problems. We told R_____ that his life is a mess. And that if he wanted help to change, he can call us. So, we dropped R_____ for now. I still love that guy, just like I loved K_____, but they have to make the decisions themselves. But the rest of us can learn from them.
Anyway, sorry to sour things up! Let´s continue. I also have something for Mom: I cut 1/2 cup of cold butter into a cookie mix, old school style! So with two knives and no machines! Thought you would like that. I made a peach crisp. Twas lecker! I saw a guy this week with his hair spiked like Alfafa. And gestern we watched Handel´s Messiah being performed by a live choir, auf Deutsch, because Sister Wells was singing with them :) And then danach, Sister Wells introduced us to one of her friends. She is so awesome! And we love all the kids, too. So that was cool!
OH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE AND KENZIE! Hope you have/had great ones! I can't believe how old you guys are ;) haahahahahaha.
This week was great! We had so much in store, with members' families and such, and a couple were great, and then others fell out, or didn't go as we had planned. That is life. Br. Kiefer had invited us to dinner and invited a friend to come meet us too! But the friend had no interest, although he was nice. Wanted to be free from the commandments and standards in the church, because then he is more free! Too bad it doesn't work that way... BUT! Br. Kiefer wasn't phased and is ready to try his other friends now. That is what we need from every member on the planet earth! Not eating appointments, necessarily, but excitement and involvement. After that termin, we asked him to come to R_____#3's with us! On Wednesday R_____ was sober, and we took him on a tour of the church! Also didn't turn out how we thought, because R_____ told us it was just too much, and he was actually happy with how his life was. He also told us he wasn't interested in the church, just in our friendship. So, like I said, we were ready to play fußball with him Saturday and visit occasionally and just always invite him to learn more, but then Saturday happened (from story). Schade. BUT, the Wells are awesome and are working on their own mission plan, and keeping Elder Andersen´s promise from April conference in their minds. And then we went to Handel´s Messiah. We got to talk to some older people there about our work :)  Then the Schaals had us for dinner on Saturday, at a good restaurant, and we got to know them better! Next time we will do the family mission plan :) As I was sitting there in a Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai restaurant talking with a woman from Quito, a man from Germany, talking about missionary work and life, I was just grateful :) that I could do it! That I am here. And their son, Philip is going to Berlin, and he is always excited to see us. He gave the class in church yesterday, and it was actually way good! He will do great.
R_____#1 is now our only investigator! But she came to church with the bahn by herself, we just picked her up at the station we get off at. She is great. I forgot to buy the Children's Songbook last week, I will do it today. She has come to church for the last 8 weeks. We taught tithing on Tuesday with the bishop, and she read us a poem she wrote to the ward, and that actually had lots of good indicators as to where she is testimony wise. She calls herself the newest Sister in the ward :) Cool, eh? She just has to learn the lessons and get baptized. She will do it!
I am excited as we are trying to focus our time on finding the new investigators we need. We have found some cool people in the last couple days, but we want to step it up. Instead of working so hard on getting so many appointments as possible (which is still great), we want to have the appointments to where we can take some time on the streets getting there. Rather than running to catch the latest possible train or bahn or bus to get to our destination. It will just be a matter of good time management, which Elder Horlacher wants to work on. It should be great!
Hey, I learned last week that ELDER BOTCHERBY is the new ZL in Wien! So I will see him FINALLY in 3 weeks :) I am so stoked! And Elder Allan is now in Haag am Hausbruck, in Austria. I always told him he was headed to Austria :) He did well in Landshut! I hope I get to see Elder Eaker before he takes off home at the end of the transfer. That means, though, that I have to get tranfered through Munich Hbf. We will see.
Naja, I am running out of time! Just know that I am so grateful for your prayers and occasional thoughts and your faith. This is the Lord´s work, and we get to take part. Take advantage of it :) Love it, live it. You can find yourself much better when you lose yourself.
Have a great week! Hope you all get healthy! Viel Spaß in Seattle if you make it! I was there more than a year ago on the way to Amsterdam. Crazy :)
Keep smiling!
Elder Jalen Gibbons
PS--Hey, I heard that Drew is engaged! That is way cool! Congratulations!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Stuttgart transfer

Guten Tag! Another transfer closes and the new one begins! I am staying here with Elder Horlacher in what is, presumeably, my last transfer as ZL in Stuttgart. Man, so schnell vorbei. We are way excited though, because the coming week should be awesome! We had a mission fast yesterday that I think I mentioned already, to get the members into the lives of the investigators, and vice versa. And yesterday at church, EVERYONE was asking us to come over and visit them in their homes, which has NEVER happened to me. We made member appointments for this week and on to next week as well. We are way excited, because this week we'll be bringing the concept of our family mission plans to the members :) One family invited us over after church for every Sunday! Their daughter just got married to an RM who served in this mission, and their son just got called to the Berlin Mission :) So we think they are excited to get the missionaries over. That was really an answer to our fast.
Also, yesterday was so awesome, because a missionary just reported back from his mission to Washington DC South, and we invited him along to join us as a joint teach. Sadly, the appointment fell out, but he stuck around with us and drove us around for the next hour. We asked lots of questions about his mission and what it was like to be home. Dennis Wloka, he is so cool! I would totally be his friend. Well, I am now haha. He did a year as an exchange student in Blackfoot, Idaho! Crazy :) He was excited when he learned I was from Idaho. He was serving an English speaking mission, but then he offered to learn Spanish halfway through his mission, and now he speaks Spanish, English, and German. I am jealous. I want to share a cool story that he shared with us. He was on an austausch with an elder who was younger than he was (at this time, he was only 4 months in), and he was in this elder´s area, and this elder was having a really hard time leading the area and doing all the things they had planned the night before. Elder Wloka had no idea about this place, so he kinda just had to tag along. Nothing was going right, and during dinner, Elder Wloka asked this elder if there was anyone in the ward there who was German or who served a mission in Germany. The elder said that there was one, so they went by on him. Elder Wloka rang the doorbell, an older man came out, and the man looked at him for a few seconds, then asked, "What is your name?" "Dennis." What is your father´s name?" "Stefan." And the older man turned to his wife and said, "I baptized his father on my mission." I don´t know the circumstances behind this man, I don´t think he was less active or anything, but how cool to meet the son of a friend you brought into the church, when the son himself is serving as a missionary, ja? The Wlokas had lost track of this family because they kept moving. It reminds me of the touching story from October 2011 conference, "The Opportunity of a Lifetime" from Priesthood session. These things really happen, because God has a plan for each of us :)
Anyway, things are going well in Stuttgart! R_____#1 continues to come to church, but then she asks the same questions we had just taught her the day before, and she isn't really going anywhere. She just makes very small steps. She just worries too much about us eating the food she makes for us and doesn't pay attention haha. She is so lieb. The members who invited us over every Sunday are going to pick her up on Saturday and bring her to a baptism for one of the kids in the ward! Hopefully she enjoys that. But I had a great idea this last week, and I want to buy R_____#1  a Primary songbook, so she can read the simple songs and learn through that! She loves poetry. And we all learned about the gospel through those songs, oder? Most of us at least haha. So I want to order that today. Just so you know.
Sadly, we had an appointment with R_____#3 on Saturday evening, and he even called half an hour early to make sure we were coming. But he wasn't even there--in his mind, I mean. He was wasted. Poor guy. I love him, but it was pathetic, just like alcohol can do to anyone. BUT, his friend was there, and was way interested in seeing our church and learning what we do. He was basically at R_____#3´s house to babysit him. And to smoke his cigarettes. Idk. His name is H_____, and he said he was going to come to church gestern, but he didn't. But we have his number and know where he lives. We will see. But really, this is all just proof that we need to find the elect through the members and other investigators. That is what we want to do this week. We find people during the week, but no one sticks to it. We need the members. They know people. 
We taught the lesson yesterday in Priesthood, from Lorenzo Snow, chapter 19, about missionary work. Then we bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting, and the bishop even had Elder Horlacher and I come and do a door approach with him as he taught the Primary kids. We knocked, and came in, and he said he knew about our church because of the neighbors kids, who were so polite and nice. So we got some "face time" with the ward, as Dad would say. Maybe that also helped excite the members to invite us over. 
We visited B_____ again, the less active guy from Portugal. He is so nice and says his door is always open to us. We asked him to bring his wife and his nephew (who lives upstairs with his mom and her boyfriend) to church with him, and we called him in the morning, but he didn't come. But his nephew, who is 9, is not baptized, and his wife is also not a member. I thought the wife just wasn't a big believer, but we asked her if she wanted to come Sunday, and she said yes! So B_____  just has to wake himself up and help his family experience the joy of the restored gospel. We are going to focus more on him this week, because we would love to activate him and then be able to teach his wife and nephew. But he must reignite his flame first, so he can support the others and help us. He is so cool.
Not much is happening with transfers, except two new areas being opened! The sisters in Göppingen are being whitewashed with 4 elders! And Ulm is getting 2 more elders too, those two being Elder Riser and a golden. And the Göppingen elders are also both training. And they are switching Elders Smith and Nicoll in Tübingen 2 with sisters, Sister Smith from Munich (with the friend in Mtn. Home) and a golden. Elder Smith is headed to KLAGENFURT!!! I am excited for him. So, we now have 36 missionaries, plus the Bensons = 38, in Stuttgart zone. Exciting :)
I am calling the last transfer, my 11th, the die Versetzung der Krankheit. Because I was basically somehow ill the whole time. And it was a pretty rough transfer both physically and mentally. But I am back now. :) It is a good feeling. I learned a lot, and take it as a testimony that the things I learn here and now will be a blessing in times to come. The quote Dad shared with me was perfect to describe the last transfer, I believe. That just means the gospel is true :)
OH, I have another Christmas wish. It is actually a German grammar book, called "Hammer´s Guide to German grammar," or something like that. It´s never too late to learn. The book is all red and yellow/orange. Otherwise, I love ties and such :) I don´t have so many anymore. And the rest is up to you, I guess. 
Zum Schluß, I want to share with you my thoughts about studies this morning. I read in the basic Gospel Principles study manual a little bit, don´t know the name in Englisch, but in German it is Grundbegriffe des Evangeliums. I read about the gathering of Israel (because that is what I am doing, of course) and then on to the millenium and the first judgement and to exaltation. Honestly, I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about the millenium. Everyone asks us about our beliefs about the 1000 year reign of Christ, because they don´t know if we are Jehovah's Witnesses or not (they talk about it a lot). Yeah, we believe in it. It will be cool! Then, reading about  the judgement, it kinda just scared me haha. But in a good way. In that moment I had absolutely no desire anymore to ever sin again. Because there is lots we have to do in order to make it to exaltation and live with God again with our families. And it almost seemed overwhelming. Well, honestly, it was overwhelming. I don´t ever want to sin again, and I hate to know that I am weak and will make mistakes in my life. I had two thoughts, actually. First, that I can only do it with the Savior´s help. And second was actually that I need an awesome wife, so that I don´t have to do this alone. haha. I know it is possible, and I want those blessings with all my heart. So I will do my best and hopefully help others on the way.
The life of a true disciple of Christ is different. It is different, however, only because the world is under the influence of the adversary. In the heavens, everyone lives after the laws of heaven. And we are not alone in our efforts here on earth. The way of the world is not and will not ever be happiness. We know that, those of us who have that testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, restored through the prophet Joseph SMith. That is why we share it with others! Everyone needs and wants it, whether they know it or not. So help them know! Share your tesimony about the blessings of the gospel, and show everyone in the way you live and react with others. You are all awesome :) I love you all so much, and I love my Father in Heaven and thank Him for the opportunity to be here. Always be thankful, it lightens the heaviest loads, I promise. I hope you have a great week. Don´t forget to pray! :9
Keep on smiling!
Elder Jalen Gibbons

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hallo Familie!

Hey, sorry about last week! I looked at my email this morning and saw that my email didn't go through. So, I forwarded it back to you. I DID indeed write last week, promise!
Well, hello again :) Wasn't general conference so awesome!? Yes, I still haven't seen the Sunday morning session, just like the last two conferences, but I will see it sometime. All of your quotes gave me little sneak peaks about the talks I missed! I was sitting in the Sunday morning session (AKA Sunday evening session in Germany haha) and I showed Sister Green and Sister Motto my General Conference notebook. I said that it was a whole mission worth of General Conference so far. So I showed them the very first page, where I wrote about the age changes! And they both said, quote: "You were on your mission for that?" Made me feel old. Haha. Funny story, I also wrote, last Oktober conference, that Becky could totally go on a mission at that time. So I updated it this go around and said, "too late, she is married!" haha. Tell Becky hello from Sister Powell! I saw Sister Powell at the mission leadership council, and she said that she was supposed to give me greetings from Becky. And I thought, "No way!"  They were roommates, Sister Powell and Becky, so I have seen Sister Powell before in my life, a few Marches ago or so. Craziness. I also talked to Sister Drury on the train to Munich, because she is from Eagle, ID! She asked if I was going home in April, because then we could have a party on the plane ride home to Boise, but it is not so. Sister Smith in Munich has a friend in Mountain Home, but I don´t remember the name. I got to see Elder Root this time around! He is way cool, we talked a bit about Klagenfurt. I also got to talk to ELDER BOTCHERBY on the phone for a minute! I haven't seen or heard him in 11 transfers. Almost a year and a half. But he was ordering tickets from the office and I saw Elder Jones write down a ticket for him from Bruck to Graz, and I flipped out haha. He is doing well! He asked how Tyson was doing, too! What a nice adopted brother :)
The leadership council was great! Talked about lots of things we are doing, but mostly about our new plans for visiting the members and developing their own mission plans with them! We have been working on that almost this whole year, and it was so awesome to see how far we have come in this process, and how General Conference basically just confirmed all the things we are trying to do! We CANNOT do this without the members! Someone talked about family mission councils, and I hope you are all ready for that when Tyson and I get home! We have lots of work to do :) But I liked how they talked about the confusion about the definition of missionary work. Missionary work is living the gospel and inviting others to do so as well, because we are happy and we know that God has restored His church upon the earth. That is the good news we are sharing! 
Some highlights from my notes:
Elder Hales- "Our only safety is in heeding the words of the prophets." "We gather to hear the word of the Lord, we then go home and live them."
Sister Stephens- "Our Heavenly Father is generous with His power."
Edward Dube- basically everything. haha. Great quotes from Elder Holland.
Elder Bednar- comparison of tithing to the stripling warriors in the Book of Mormon. They did not receive more troops or more weapons, rather assurance, peace, faith, and hope.
Pres. Uchtdorf- Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.
Gerald Causse- "There are no strangers or outcasts in the church. There are only brothers and sisters."
Randy D. Funk: "Even though the circumstances are tough, I am determined." 
Pres. Uchtdorf wieder: "Du kannst es JETZT tun!" "We mortals cannot become champions without effort and determination--and without making mistakes." "Rise up and become men of God!" "When we feel we can´t go on: trust in the Lord and His Atonement. Stand tall and walk in the light of the restored gospel. We are more capable than we know." 
Pres. Monson- from Abe Lincoln? "If you want to win someone to your cause, first convince them that you are their sincere friend." "It is our privilege to enlighten, to touch, and to save those who have been entrusted in our care." 
Pres. Packer- "Scriptures are key to personal protection." "Stay the course!" 
Elder Christofferson- thought about you Mom! "Nothing exceeds the worth of the home and family." 
S. Gifford Nielsen- all of it! Contagious excitement! "This work will NOT move forward in the Lord´s way without the members." Remember his 3 points, and do them! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I am also asking myself, "When I come home, would they bronze MY missionary shoes?"
Timothy J. Dyches- "Opposition in ALL things is no flaw." We must first put down our own weapons of rebellion before we become our own agents. 
Elder Holland- "We chose to live in this fallen world." And might I add, ONLY because we knew there would be a Savior. "Square your shoulders and think positively!" "if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it, and be strong. Trust in a brighter future." "Live by faith, hold fast to hope, and have compassion."
Elder Ballard- "It is impossible to fail when we do our best." "You don't have to be outgoing or an eloquent teacher--just open your mouth and the Spirit will guide." "When each of us reaches out to 1 person before Christmas this year, MILLIONS will be touched by the love of Christ." 
Pres. Eyring- "I gave him to you because you could and would love him, no matter what he did." Thought a lot about my investigators, and how I can better show my love. 
Elder Oaks- "What is our ultimate priority?"
Richard Maynes- "Dedication, perseverance, and self discipline." "Become the rock the river cannot wash away." "The gospel gives us not immunity from death, but victory over it." "Let us run the race we have before us with patience." I look forward to living this talk in the coming weeks. 
Elder Scott- "When the Lord looks upon weakness, it is always with mercy." "The Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance--because He knows what it takes to become like Him." "Fill your life with service for others, and Satan´s temptations will lose power in your life." 
Pres. Monson- "Shall I falter, or shall I finish?" 
This was the quickest General Conference of my life! They used to be eternally long, at least I thought. But they mean so much now. I feel like every single speaker prepared something for me! And I bet you feel the same way. Remember what you felt, and how much those speakers prepared and practiced and worried and prayed, for you. And NOW is the time to live it! I am so excited. 
We met with R_____#3 twice last week! We went by on Monday, and then again on Wednesday. I was with Elder Kastendieck on austausch on Wednesday. It was so awesome! We started at the basics: what do you believe about God? He said he didn't really know. But we kept in tune with the Spirit in bearing testimony, and shortly thereafter he voiced his real concern, that he loved people in his life who had passed away, and he didn´t understand why. We read Alma 32:28 with him, and promised him that if he had just one question, he just wanted to know if God was there, he could plant this seed and it would grow. And he liked that. At the end we asked if he would pray. He said he couldn't. So we reviewed how we taught him Monday, and he did really well remembering! Then he said he just couldn't do it. So we told him just to say a small one. And he started, and it was probably the most sincere prayer I have ever heard from an investigator! The whole time I was just thinking, "Okay Heavenly Father, we got him this far-- you´re up!" And after the prayer he looked and me, and I told him he could do that any time he needed or wanted. And then he hugged me! And stood up and hugged Elder Kastendieck! So, something went well :) It was so awesome, a perfect way to end an awesome day! Sadly, he wasn't at home yesterday when we went to pick him up at the arranged time :/ so he wasn't at Conference. But R_____#1 was! She loved it. Oh, a cool miracle about R_____#3. We got to his house on Wednesday and I told him I had tried to call M_____ (his friend), but hadn't heard anything. So I say the opening prayer, and during the prayer someone calls and then hangs up after the first ring. After the prayer I kinda joked about that being M_____. So I pull the phone out of my pocket and it was M_____!! So I call back and he and R_____#3 get to talk, M_____ said he had tried to get ahold of R_____#3 but couldn't, and then he said he would also come Sunday to Conference. But they weren't there. Schade. We met twice with R_____#1 as well! Man she loved talking with the missionaries at conference! She keeps saying she is going to get baptized, it is on her to do list, so we are going to keep teaching and make sure she understands everything. It will be exciting! 
Wednesday was just a great day last week. On tausch with Elder Kastendieck, I wanted to learn how he showed his love for people. And then, I made a new goal when I got out on the street, that I just wanted to serve everyone. So I asked so many people if we could help carry things, and we had great conversations with people on the street, and we were going by on less actives and such. It just felt way good. I think Elder Horlacher and I are always rushing to appointments and never have time to just go a bit slower and enjoy talking with all the people who rush by. I was just happy. What Elder Scott said is true! Fill your life with service. 
Otherwise, we don't have anyone new. We are always working on that. Hopefully we can work with the members and find those friends who have interest. Then we have a huge advantage because they know the members already! So much easier, for real! 
Oh, on Tuesday we went by on a former investigator, and didn't find him, but rather his sister-in-law and her husband (his brother). We talked with the Frau and we made an appointment for Wednesday. So Elder Kastendieck and I went there too before R_____#3. That was also a cool experience. They believe in the Bible. The Bible is the word of God. Yeah, I know! Haha. As I looked back on the appointment, we talked about truths of the gospel, and they shared wonderful things from the Bible, and I got to introduce the Book of Mormon, which doesn't contain a different gospel by the way, it is the same Jesus Christ and the same way. When I would bear my testimony about the Restoration, they would always just fall back on their "but the Bible says that." And looking back, once again, I saw that they didn't realize that I was agreeing with the things they said. Yeah, the Bible is the word of God. Yeah, we need to be good people. They were trying to argue the truth of the Bible with me, even though I WASN'T arguing at all. It made me laugh haha. I basically just said that either the Book of Mormon is true, or it isn't, so I told them to put it to the test! So they finally accepted to keep the Book of Mormon, and we just bore testimony again. That is all we could do. We will go by again in a week or so, give them some time, but they aren't new investigators according to Preach My Gospel. Still a good experience. 
So, now you have my last two weeks to catch up on! Sorry again about last time. Hopefully it works. But I want to leave my testimony that I know the Lord restored His church, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that God has a plan for each and every one of us to return to Him, just like Pres. Eyring said. His love is simply always there, whether you feel you deserve it or not (Elder Holland). God leads us through wonderful men, prophets and seers and revelators, from whom we just heard. Do what they say, and you will be happy. 
Have a great week! I love you all! Make a new snow cone flavor for me!
Keep smiling :)
Elder Jalen Gibbons