Monday, September 2, 2013

Liebe grüße!

Remember last year, when I quoted that Green Day song, "Wake me up when September ends"? How in the world has it been a year already? I got an email from Matt Webber today, and he has only been in Korea for 3 months! And then when he wrote that I have been in Germany over a year, I got weirded out. Das verstehe ich halt überhaupt nicht! Wahnsinn. Hey, but Stuttgart geht´s gut!
The house looks pretty darn awesome! I will stare at it more later. Now I get to look at the Stuttgart skyline. Kind of. Depending on which U bahn I am on... It is a pretty place. Weather was pretty great this morning, a bit chilly, but okay. We went to the Rittersport factory again today :) I bought a few bars this time. There are some that can only be bought there at the factory, maybe I told you last time, but I bought one which is a bourbon vanille one. I am excited. There is no alcohol, I inspected it. Then I bought a whole almond and cocao mousse, which is one of my favorites. BUT!!!! Taco Bell was closed for labor day, the members forgot. But we went to a different base instead, and went to the food court in the BX. We ate Charly´s, which was way good. And we had like two members come up to us who had just barely moved to Germany, and they just saw us elders and said hello :) Let's just say that that doesn't happen just out on the street in Germany! We took like 5 minutes just to walk through the BX, for Elder Horlacher and I to indulge our nostalgia :) It was bizarre, being around so many Americans again. Hey, Elder Horlacher and I finished our first transfer together, where we only spoke German to einander! That is pretty cool. 
Oh hey! Transfers! I shall let you know:  We went to Munich again last week for Mission leadership council. And Thursday morning, we all go into the living room of the mission home and President Miles announces all the transfer calls of the zone leaders and sister training leaders. We then received a paper at the end of the day with all the info about who is staying in the zone and who is training and who is whitewashing. We had a couple surprises there! Both Sisters in Pforzheim, the Sisters who are our sister training leaders, are leaving! They are whitewashing their area with elders! And they were totally rocking things up, the sisters were. That threw the sisters for a big loop, they cried even though President told us all not to. :/ pretty rough. But it will be good, they are tough haha. That is how the Lord works, His hand is in everything in the mission world. I am staying, no worries. But Elder Orchard is done being Munich zone leader and he is coming to our zone, whitewashing Heilbronn and training! :) In Munich I slept in the same room as Elder Orchard and we just talked about Klagenfurt for hours haha. I am excited to have him in the zone. He was my zone leader, now I am his. It is a really big change, all that is happening this transfer, and it will be strange. That is how change is. But we go with it and do the best we can. That we can always do. 
We had basically NO time this last week. Always going somewhere, and with Munich for two days, our schedule was just shot. But K_____ is finally out! We met with him last week! But then he didn't come to church :(  We are trying to meet with him today! He is doing pretty well.  Otherwise, not much happened last week, except travel and fallen out appointments. Lots of appointments that didn't go through. M_____ came to church for the 3rd time in a row, but we haven't been able to meet anytime other than that to actually discuss the things we do. Frustrating, but it happens. 
Hey, a story from today. We were headed back from the base in a member's Honda Odyssey (in Germany, you know they have to be Americans, the ones who drive them, and I would guess that most of the Odyssey army belongs to the International Ward haha) and we saw a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia as we were on the highway. Afterwards we were just talking about  how beautiful the car was, and Brother Garlock says, "I am just glad I passed him up in my Honda Odyssey!" haha. I miss the nice spacious Odyssey. Mission cars are so small here. Opel Corse, look it up. And they aren't the nice new ones either. I don't have a car, but the Ehepaars do. 
Well, I haven´t much time (wanted to speak like a German would), but you know I love you! I am loving the work and the things I get to experience. Last week was actually a pretty rough one for me, just because of stress and not being very happy or excited, but that is done now! One of those lowest lows that they talk about. It really is our decision to be happy and excited, we choose how we see the things that happen around us. I did not choose too wisely last week. 
But now it is a new week :) I hope your week goes well, with no more crazy dust hail windstorms mixed with soccer games. Oh speaking of soccer games, we played again Thursday morning with everyone in Munich. We were impressively quiet this time, and Elder Horlacher and Elder Orchard had a pretty good play. It involved Elder Orchard being goalie and trying to get the ball out of the box, and then Elder Horlacher trying to use his head to get the ball in the goal. I looked back and saw Elder Orchard lying on the ground, and then blood pouring out of my companion´s broken nose. Elder Orchard is okay haha. But I will send a picture of Elder Horlacher :) if he allows it. Needless to say, we won't be doing that anymore :( We thought it was only going to be like 6 of us, but then everyone else came along too. The Sisters started playing with us too. There is a Sister from Scotland who plays really well. I guess now the Elders don´t have to get beat by her haha. 
Have fun at school and play and work and home and whatever it is you non-missionary people do ;) Hope the reunion went well! Tell people hello from me!
Keep smiling :)
Elder Jalen Gibbons
PS Kacy Carr had a birthday last week, so I have to wish verspätet happy birthday! 

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