Monday, September 23, 2013

A Short One

Hey family!
Sorry, I literally have 6 minutes to write you an email! This week it will be short. But that is okay, last week was pretty rough on me, just doing lots of stuff but not seeing the success we wanted. But we fasted gestern that everything would just pick and go better, and it didn't even wait until this week! Because we met with a potential named R_____#3 and his friend was there, and they are now both new investigators!!!! We are so stoked! R_____#1 is doing great, too! She came to church and took part in our lesson. Sadly, we saw the Chinese girl where we said we were going to meet her, but she said she had to run and meet her friend and give her a key, so she said she would be back in 5 minutes. So we waited. For 45 minutes. Never came back :( too bad. And R_____#2 cancelled on us again this week :( we were so bummed. And L_____ wasn't at home either, when we went by. But we finally met his wife! And have his home phone number. That should work for the future. 
WOW, we have a snow cone shack! I am pretty stoked. I love messing around and experimenting with flavors! Nathan and Kate are having a blast, eh? So awesome that Eric is also in the MTC!  (I know that seems disjointed--we bought a snowcone shack from Eric's parents, who have no one to run it now that Eric is in the MTC headed to the France, Paris mission!)
Hey, I am going to send you some pictures. To make up for lack of words. I know, I know, I disappointed everyone reading this right now... yes, I am talking about you, the reader! Hello :) But this week is going to be AWESOME!!!!! So you will hear about it next week :)
Wait, I can't send pictures. Darn it. Sorry. Next week, I promise. And I promise I love you all!
The Lord is our shepherd, and He will reach out to those of us who are lost in any way. So don´t deny Him! He can heal anything. Just have to be willing. Show Him you love back as well :) Live the gospel, it will make you happy!
Have a great week, keep smiling!
:) Elder Jalen Gibbons 

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