Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hey Familie!

How was Easter? We didn't do anything special. We did get a little bit of chocolate, though. Elder Sessions and I went yesterday to eat lunch with Br. M_____. He is the one we did service for a few weeks ago, carrying tons of bags of dirt upstairs from the kellar. He isn´t doing too well, healthwise or job-wise, but as we were planning what we wanted to discuss with him, what we thought he might need, the quote from PMG chapter 6, the section on Hope, came into my mind. Let us reach to lift hands which hang hopelessly down. And then when we started talking with him, that was exactly what it turned into. He wants a wife and a family, but it hasn't worked out yet. He is often sick and has no good work, which makes it hard to find someone and start a family overall, and he just works himself to death renovating, at his own cost, an old Lokal, cafe place (which is where we helped him move dirt). He said it was just too much. But I remember just sitting there, listening to him talk about how he still trusted in God, that was all he had left. And I just had, as a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ, the irrepresible feeling that I just wanted him to have peace, that it would be okay. We offered to give him a blessing, and he agreed, and I hope and believe that the Savior will give him peace, and continue to guide him as he learns more about God´s will. 

Sadly this week that appoointment with the referral lady fell out, but we made another appointment out for this coming Friday. Thank goodness it is through members, because otherwise we usually lose contact with people we met ourselves. Once again, members are so important! 

Today we are headed to the Easter lunch that the Ehepaar Strong are putting on for us, we are excited. Then we may be going with the Bishop and his family to their garden place out on the other side of the city. But we still aren´t sure, because they haven't answered our phone calls yet. 

Otherwise, this last week we helped a member move on Saturday. He is way funny and his family is way nice. We moved stuff from their old apartment to the new one, so that the wife´s sister could move her stuff into the old apartment. And we were just all over helping this family move. The wife is the only member in her family, but we met almost all her sisters and her brother and they were very grateful for the help. No one ever looked better at a move than wearing white shirts and ties :) haha. They gave us one of the huge pizzas they bought for dinner for us to bring home, and we had two people talk to us shortly just because the pizza was massive! If we carried pizzas around all day, more people might actually come to us and talk hahaha. But in reality, we have something of much greater worth than a huge pizza, and that is what we are trying to get across. 

I have to say, I am really enjoying brainstorming about "becoming." This morning I just had a ton of thoughts and during my personal study I spent my time writing them down and finding scriptures that went along. That is how I like to learn. If I don´t have any questions or any direction I want to go, I end up just reading the Book of Mormon and waiting for the Spirit to point something out to me. But the first situation is much better :) trust me. Ask questions, get answers, LEARN! That is what you are here to do. Take advantage of it. 
Well, I am running out of time, so I wish you all farewell until next week! I love you :)

Elder Jalen Gibbons

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