Monday, April 28, 2014


I really liked the birthday slideshow, but it didn't work with the music, not on this computer, at least. But I enjoyed looking through the pictures, trying to see which one I was. I don´t know why I ever let my hair get so long, I look dumb haha. That was really fun, thanks so much Mom :) I will hopefully hear the music sometime. 

I got a call from Renate today, she wanted to wish me happy birthday :) But I got a card from Sis. Eagley first, and then Sister Hall. Thank them for me! Renate really wants to try and come to Munich to see us off, but I am not sure how that will happen haha. She is great. Otherwise, I don´t have any plans for my birthday. Yesterday was already great with Familie Husz, they sang to me and then I got to talk about Harry Potter with their oldest son, Elias, who is on the 3rd book but has heard tons of stuff from his friends. It was hard talking about fairy tale stuff in German haha. Saubergetränke= potions. Who knew? But then we went on a walk to a little lake by their house (manmade, but really pretty at this time of year, where the water is still clear). I like them a lot :) They gave me a book about Wien, things to see and do, and I told them Mom would be very happy. But it is auf Deutsch, sorry. 

The Salzburg zone is coming later today. We still have to get groceries and then we are going to C&A to see if Elder Sessions can find some new pants, since all of his are ripped and self repaired multiple times. He needs some new ones haha. That will be my birthday. I just realized that this is my 2nd birthday in a row where I am with Elder Allan. Funny haha. In preparation for our conference tomorrow, I read Elder Dyches' talk from October conference, it is really good. I am excited to see what we discuss tomorrow. 

Last week we finally met with that lady, Z_____, and it was really good! But we met at a member´s apartment, Br. Ferraz came with us, and we had a great discussion. I got a taste of what it must be like for Tyson, we walk into a very brightly decorated apartment with Spanish songs playing. And they all liked to talk a lot. Auf Spanish. The member, M_____, from Colombia I think, had her niece there as well, who should be a Mormon already, she thought very much like what we believe. They just really like to talk, so we didn´t get to talk much about the stuff we planned, and then three of the niece's friends came over, which resulted in more Spanish, and at this point I was really wishing I could communicate with Tyson and figure out what was going on. So we sat there with poor Z_____, with hardly any idea what was going on. But Z_____ and M_____ came to church again yesterday, and we will meet hopefully just with them on the coming Friday. Z_____ is so nice and really interested. She is good friends with M_____, and M_____ told her about how the church had helped her get through rough times and such, and Z_____ expressed her interest to learn more. That is how it should be done! :) 

This week we also have a ward outing on Thursday, a holiday, and we are going to go hiking somewhere just outside of Wien. Elder Sessions and I are debating about wearing our lederhosen or not. It could be way hot. Schau ma mal. haha.
There are actually lots of good things happening for us and for the zone leaders, and Br. Husz was really excited yesterday in our meeting. We are gonna keep things going! 

Have a good week, thanks for the birthday wishes! 


Elder Jalen Gibbons

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