Monday, March 31, 2014


Our album cover shot, from our morning jog
with Elders Orchard and Jones 

So, transfer calls!!! I will be staying in Wien 2, and so are Elder Botcherby and Elder Curtis! Elder Weston will be leaving on Thursday to Dornbirn, definitely one of the prettiest areas in our mission. Far west of Austria, on the border of Switzerland. And the German they speak there is..... a different language haha. Elder Weston is excited to start learning German all over again! (Really, he said it.) We listened to a little clip about the dialect, a member showed it to us yesterday, and it was pretty fun to listen to :) hardly got anything out of it. I will miss him tremendously, and the Spirit he has. Sometimes I wonder if I have learned everything here in Wien at an accelerated rate, due to his incredible ability to invite and discern the Holy Ghost. I have learned much from him. As for the cooking, we are trying not to think about what will happen. Hopefully I don´t lose weight due to malnutrition these next few weeks ;) haha. Don´t worry about us.

This last week was.... yeah, really fast haha. We had an appointment with Br. Caletka fall out, I was on tausch from Wednesday to Thursday, and we cleaned the church on Saturday morning with Sister Simic and Bobi and another new convert . That was fun :)  But yeah, we had that concert on Tuesday from M_____, the Russian investigator. He sang us a few songs. The first song he sang was "Ye Elders of Israel." Pretty cool. Sister Motto played "If You Could Hie to Kolob" on the piano, also really good. Elder Curtis played guitar and harmonica, "I Need Thee Every Hour" and Elder Seamons played "More Holiness Give Me" on violin. It was really fun :)  Bobi came with us. And Michi. And then, Br. Mauch showed up :)  All the Klagenfurt elders ran and gave him hugs haha. He was really surprised to see Elder Orchard there, too, since the assistants were here on tausch. Sadly, our appointment with C_____ was cancelled about two hours before, so we kinda just talked a bit with him. Then Br. Mauch drove me, Elder Orchard, and Michi and Bobi home. He liked those two a lot :)  They are good boys. And it was way weird sitting in the Mauchmobil again with Br. Mauch and Elder Orchard haha. But a really nice time. Until we said goodbye and Bruder Mauch told us to keep working hard the last __ weeks. That one cut deep. Haha. I love Bruder Mauch.
There are quite a few changes in the zone (going quickly back to transfers), but you don´t know anyone, I don´t think. But they are closing down the international ward sisters´ area, which is new. The reason I mention that is because they told us Saturday night that they were bringing one of their investigators to our ward, so we could meet her, and then this week they will hand her off to us! Yay, that makes me happy. She is a woman from Mongolia, who wants to be baptized. Her friend is a member of the Wien 1 ward, and is currently on a mission. Her friend told the sisters to baptize her friend when she left! Sadly, she didn't show up to our ward, we think it was probably the time change, but we will hopefully meet her later. Oh yeah, my new companion is Elder Sessions, he is working in Landshut right now! I am so excited to ask him about Landshut. He is in the same group as Elder Jones, so he goes home in August. He will probably be here until the end, as well. I have heard lots of good things about him. 

Oh hey, Michelle Sumegi got baptized yesterday after church! This is the family that the zone leaders are teaching, with the really cute kids who just love the missionaries. She just turned 8! 

We handed W_____ off to the Wien 5 elders yesterday as well. I hope everything goes well for him! He is really so cool, we hope that when he gets settled back into home things will be a bit easier.
Ah, I am running out of time, so I will stop here! Just realize that the Savior has the power to free us from anything that weighs us down, any trial or mistake or struggle can and will be overcome through His power, if you seek Him. He has given me strength and comfort to help me keep going over and over again, this morning even. 

I hope you have a great week, thanks for doing all that stuff with BYU classes. You´re the best :)

Love you!

Elder Jalen Gibbons

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