Monday, March 17, 2014


Sorry, I have been trying to figure out BYU stuff, looking at classes and stuff, so I don´t have very much time. We spent the day with Franz, who gave us a little tour of Wien :) It was actually his birthday, too! We went out to eat afterwards, it was a lot of fun! :) He is a great guy. I have lots of pictures of different things in Wien. But you will have to see them another time. 

Anyway, last week was good! The biggest adventure is still ongoing... we haven't had hot water since Tuesday last week. We have been cut down to birdie bathing in the sink with boiled water. The shower is FREEZING COLD! So I haven't showered. But I did get two warm showers when I was on tausch in Wien 3 last week :) That was nice. So ist es, I can´t complain. They are coming tomorrow to put in a new water boiler. I spent a couple hours last week talking to people in Geman about our water boiler and the problems we were having. They didn't teach me that stuff in the MTC haha. It turned out okay. One guy measured the gas exhaust coming from the boiler, and our CO levels were at 2083 mgm, when the legal limit is 80 mgm. Haha. Whoops. Darn missionary apartments. Lots of missionary apartments here in Wien have been having problems. Tomorrow we shall shower again :)

W_____ and M_____ are doing well! They still haven't read, so we read a bit with them. But the favorite part of my week was going to visit them on Sunday and seeing the Book of Mormon we left for B_____ gone. We had been there Wednesday and I wrote her a note and left it on the book on the table. And then it was gone Sunday, and W_____ said she got it :) Cool! Just waiting to see if she calls. That was fun! 

We got to play soccer on Saturday with Bobi and some other missionaries and Alex Zeilinger. Hat spaß gemacht. 

We had a good zone training meeting as well, one of the best I have ever attended :) We sang a song at a wedding party for a new convert, we met some new members from the ward list, and had lots of fun. Don´t worry about us!

Sorry that it is so short this week. Hope I helped a bit with the BYU stuff. Still don´t know how the real world works, but I still have time not to worry about that, thank goodness :) 

Wow, I am excited to have Dad as my bishop :) Haha that is so awesome since everyone loves Dad anyway. I always knew it was coming ;) Welcome to the next learn-phase of your life! The Lord sees that you are ready to move forward with faith. Und so wird es auch sein! 

I read Pres. Monson´s talk from last conference this morning, "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." You should read it again, it is definitely for everyone, since we all have difficult times and need some consolation or somewhere we can go, someone to turn to. And we can always turn to our Father in Heaven. :) I love you all, have a good week!

Elder Jalen Gibbons 

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