Monday, August 5, 2013

Too lazy to think of a title, but not too lazy to write this

Hey, grüzi wohl! Hier sind wir wieder, am Anfang einer anderen Woche. 
Schönen guten Morgen! I was pleased to read about the cool youth conference and all the stuff you have taken part in this week! Memories, life´s greatest treasure. Hopefully you are making good ones! Bad ones are pretty easy to remember, sadly, but the good ones will bring a sense of fulfillment in life. Your choice. 
It´s verrückt, that the third week is already here. Last week we had lots of good times in Munich for our leadership council! The soccer for Frühsport on Freitag is always a good highlight! Was lots of fun. Then the police showed up. It was funny, they asked who was reponsible for all 30 of us here, and we all kinda thought, "Well, we all kinda are..." haha. They told us some neighbors had complained that we were too loud. Schade :( why doesn´t everyone else just wake up at 6 and do sports like us? ;) haha. 
But we had some great meetings, and I love seeing friends and meeting the new people. Something I learned at this meeting was a pretty crazy coincidence. I was talking to Sister Woods, who is the Sister Training Leader in Wien (along with Sister Harman, the Ogaards' niece, we talk about Kody everytime haha) and I asked where Sister Woods was from. She said Springville. I said that my grandparents live there. She said their name was familiar. Then I asked if she knew Elder Botcherby, my MTC companion. She said that he went to her high school. Then, she said that Elder Botcherby had dated her sister, and then EVERYTHING came back to me! I had talked with Elder Botcherby in the MTC about his girlfriend´s family, and then I wondered how in the world I missed that connection with Sister Woods! Now his girlfriend´s older sister is in the same zone as him haha. Pretty cool, oder? 
Overall, it was a great meeting, where we counseled together about how the mission can change and how we will reach our goals. The Spirit is always so strong there and inspires us as we look at the progress each of us has made. That is the gospel, improvement and progression. Thank goodness that we have such an ability, in and through the Savior Jesus Christ. 
I want to tell you another cool story about K_____ from yesterday, a miracle. I couldn't get ahold of him in the morning, his phone was off, and then he didn't show up to Sunday School :( so I just told Elder Horlacher that we had to pray real hard that K_____ would wake up RIGHT THEN and come to church. But I never saw him. We went through the opening song and prayer, did the Sacrament, then it was time for the testimony meeting. The young men who were at EFY last week bore their testimonies, and that was great. Then some members went, also great. Then I went after Elder Horlacher, and as I got up there, I saw K_____ sitting in the back with Elder Horlacher. MIRACLE! I bore my testimony, then sat back down. Few minutes later, K_____ walks up to the pulpit. He said, direct quote (from German to English), "This is my first time as a member of the ward, although I haven´t been baptized yet, to stand and speak to you." Wow, then he talked about meeting the missionaries and the strength he received, the love he had felt. It was Hammer! There were even more miracles than that that I saw yesterday, but that is all I have time for. 
I know my emails are rather short and quick compared to past emails. We are just busy! Of course I still write, because I love you :) but I know you will be okay, the Lord watches over you. But my duty is to bear my witness of the Son of God, and that I will do whether by email or on the street or at the pulpit. 
I know He lives, and that He has all power and understanding. Our fears are wiped away by His powerful hand, the temptations of the adversary are nothing compared to the light that He brings and the joy He freely gives. He expects so much of those who He loves so dearly, and He will do all He can to help us reach our potential, to overcome our stumbling blocks, and to return to Him with our families and with the friends we have invited to come closer to Him. All we can do is invite, and live the gospel. Do that and I promise you will be happy. The Lord promises that you will be happy. If you aren´t, then you are doing something wrong :) how simple!
Have a great week, and Mom, I will let you know when I get the package. And no, we haven´t had much contact with the Portuguese family, we are working on it! We have lots to do. 
I do love you all and wish you an uplifting week! Be good, be happy, and smile. :)
Elder Jalen Gibbons

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