Monday, August 19, 2013

Sorry, a bissl spät heut....

Reunion with the Andersons, from Landshut
(with Elder Horlacher)
with Sister Kleiner, from Graz, Austria
Castle in Ludwigsburg
Fairy tale gardens--Rapunzel's tower
with Elder Horlacher
Hallo Familie! It´s a bit late, ja freilich. It was way cool and weird to see Elder Freer at the MTC with a nametag!!! Wow, he is just a little guy, right? I bet that is what his parents were thinking. He is going to do awesome. I love to see growth, to see how people change and grow in confidence and strength in the gospel. And thanks for the pictures from Tyson! Who is that family, just one he has been teaching for a while? That is totally righteous! (Elder Horlacher is a good movie quoter, so that was an attempt at the Incredibles' "That was totally wicked!" except missionary appropriate ;) ) haha. 
I am so sorry that this will once again be short. er. We went to the castle/palace today in Ludwigsburg, with the Ludwigsburg district! It was so fun! We didn't go in the castle, we just went to the fairy tale gardens! It was awesome! Totally worth it. I love being with other missionaries, especially the ones we don't see as often. Then we get to show them our love. I love being a missionary. I say that every week, I feel like, but that is because I still feel the same way every week :) ich bin so dankbar für das, was ich diese Woche erleben durfte. Ich erzähle dir a bissl...
We had so many awesome miracles this week! With Heavenly Father´s help, we found 22 potentials! That is normally how many the APs find. Positions have nothing to do with it, just showing you it was a good week. The thing was, we were just busy, and doing what we were supposed to be doing, and there were people in our path put there directly by God. Can't be any other way. 
On Tuesday, we wanted to find someone, and we asked a lady for help. Then a young mom came by, and offered to walk us there! So we talked the whole time we walked. And told her what we are doing, etc. After about an hour, probably, she invited us to dinner on Thursday! Potentials usually don´t invite you to eat haha. But it was way cool. We went and ate and talked about the BoM and the family. They wouldn't give a good time to come back tho, schade. We will see them again, and/or call them. Then, we found a girl from Ukraine, and she came to church with us on Sunday, and she really liked it. Said she would come back! And we are going to start meeting with her. She actually knows one of the less active members we work with! And that member had told her about the church and invited her to come! Now she did :) Then, we met with that same less active member on Saturday, and he had invited another friend of his over, a mom who has three daughters and wants to come to church and teach her children about God, the right way to live. We will be meeting with her now too. :) MIRACLES!!! All over! Missionsarbeit, servus! I live for it. Well, I live it, more accurately. 
We got two referrals too! One from the office, but one from a member I don´t even know! Heavenly Father is just blessing us greatly. 
Our problem now is just getting ahold of our investigators so we can meet with them. We found 5 new investigators last week, and one more today, so we are really planning well with time. We have to. Because, like Dad asked me about, we do tausches with the district leaders, (exchanges, I mean), but they are not always the younger missionaries. We would love to exchange with everyone if we could, but there is a small problem. Travel time. Trains. Don´t hear much about them in America. To get to the places we would really like to work, at least an hour to an hour and a half. But we are trying to visit a finding day from each district so that we can work with everyone on those days. We talk about it and pray about it every night and day. 
There is lots to do! One day again, I will be able to slow down and explain more about how life is going. But for now, I like it, things are rolling forward. If I keep working harder, that day may not be until I get home. So, just know that I love you and that the Lord is leading His servants in this great work. Have a good week, keep smiling. Bis nächstes mal!
Elder Jalen Gibbons
PS some pictures from today :) Rememeber Sister Kleiner, who was waiting for her VISA in Graz as I was in Klagenfurt? I saw her again today :) She had surgery on her foot, which she injured in Wisconsin. That was way cool, after almost a year, to meet again.

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