Monday, October 15, 2012

Servus :)

Haha yeah I already sent you a short one notifying you that I was still waiting for Mom´s email. Weird to think that we were on at the same time. You should be in bed over there!

Okay, yeah, I realized after I got home last week that I didn't say anything about transfers... haha. Sorry, I was caught up in the Spirit of conference. But that is not a bad thing, eh? Elder Eaker and I are staying in Klagenfurt, and we are both super happy! We love it here. I am glad you could still read between the lines that I was staying. I definitely would have told you if I was leaving.

You asked about service a couple weeks ago: we did some heavy duty yard work for Sis. Mauch, namely, ripping out plants and small trees, uprighting tipped over rocks, and then replanting the nicer trees/plants. I think it was her landscaping or something. Good hard work tho! Then we cleaned the church, like their semiannual church deep clean, for about 6 hours. There may have been something else, but it eludes me...

I am so glad that Logan´s farewell went well! I wish I could have been there :( He will be an awesome missionary, I have no doubts. Wish him the best of luck. Also, the "We will bring the World His Truth" song, is that the one with the "As Sisters in Zion" and "Army of Helaman"? I can't remember. But Elder Eaker has that song auf Deutsch! Which reminds me that I want it too...

I hope Kate recovers quickly from pneumonia! That can't be fun at all :/ I am sorry that she missed Districts and such, but her health is more important at the moment. And don´t let Nathan let these compliments about his choir Tux go to his head!!! Haha. All he needs to worry about looking good in is a suit in a few years ;) and then it really isn't that much of a worry. I am glad he enjoys choir. I can't believe there are only 11 people in Men´s Choir.

Anyway, as to Pday adventures, Dad, we haven't had much recently. I spent last Pday writing Becky and you and Mom. Oh yeah, so I kind of already talked about some Christmas stuff in that letter. You should get it soon. Ah, but I forgot to ask you to send my white and red, looks-like-a-candycane skinny tie from home! Should be in my closet. I don't know how I forgot it at home. So that would be wonderful! Danke schön.

I was almost jealous at Dad´s remark about driving a convertible Mustang around Hawaii, but then I realized that I have seen Ferraris, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis here, so it wore off (oh, even a Bentley!) ;) I really have, though. Enjoy the American Muscle car nevertheless!

It is getting colder! But it freaks me out because I go outside and the air I breathe and the atmosphere I feel with the wind-strewn leaves throws me right back to Grandma´s house with all the family. It´s just like I remember Autumn at home. It is a nice reminder, at least that my brain and memories still work, but it is nonetheless eerie. I have not broken out my cool trenchcoat yet. Soon though :)

This week was great! We finally got to meet with a woman who was contacted in August on our Ward Mission Saturday. We have tried a few times, but nothing until this week! We went and visited them on Thursday, and I basically ended up teaching most of the 1st lesson by myself, because she has 2 very young and energetic kids who Elder Eaker went and distracted. They were still in the same room, and still very loud, but they weren't running all around us. So Elder Hall and I had a very good lesson with her, and it was great to see how faithful she was. She is Catholic, but she has 4 kids at home, one of which is very disabled, and it makes it hard for her to go to church. She does want to come to church though, to see it, so we will get to get the ward involved, which is great because she is also a single mother. It is amazing that she takes care of these kids. And we want to help her any way we can. Especially when it comes to eternal salvation and living together forever with her family. She has an older, already married daughter as well, so maybe we can meet her and her husband too. We can't wait to meet again. Sadly, this week is CRAZY so we won't get to see her. Next week though, for sure.

We also had a great time with our investigator from Washington, and we are hoping to set a baptismal date this Thursday!! Last lesson was so spiritually uplifting and we really just told him that God has blessings for him, and there is no excuse to not get them NOW (he has just been thinking about doing it at home with some of his wife´s family, and also his family is not very kind about the whole Mormon thing, including his wife´s family...). But he said he was going to pray about it this whole week, and tell us his answer about November 3rd on Thursday. We can't wait. We are praying for him!

So, this week's schedule, just to explain the CRAZY: Wednesday morning, train to Vienna (my first time there!!) for a meeting, then stay overnight, have Interviews with President Thursday, then we HAVE to leave Vienna at 12.30 to make it all the way back to Villach by 4.45 in order to have this awesome appointment with Derek and Bonnie (Americans.) By the way, the Villach team (professional American football team Derek plays on) is number one in the league, but we also figured out that Derek is the TOP SCORER in the league. He is so dang humble about it, but his wife brags. So yeah, we are here Thursday night, then part of Friday, then we drive with the Halls to Salzburg Friday night, go to München and back Saturday to see President Monson!!!!, stay another night in Salzburg with the ZL´s, then Sunday we go to Wels for Stake Conference, and then from Wels to Klagenfurt. We are in our area for about 3 days, if even. It is ridiculous! But it should be exciting.

Also, we were in Salzburg on Saturday, rode there and back again (Hobbit haha, sorry...) and had a short meeting. Ate at a really nice Döner shop, and I wanted so badly to take pictures, but I still haven't seen the stuff I recognize. Maybe this weekend.

Anyway, something I liked from "Jesus the Christ" this week: "Misunderstanding is the prelude to offense." Sometimes it is hard not to take offense at things, but I know from personal experiences that we have to decide ourselves to get over such feelings. We can't just justify our annoyances and harsh feelings that come from being offended, because then we make ourselves miserable and more angry. That is something I am always working on.

To quote Elder Holland. "The crowning trait of love is loyalty." Remember to whom you are loyal, or to whom you should be, and remember as well the infinite love that you receive from Him. Be loyal and have integrity in all that you do. Don´t stop smiling. I love you all, and look forward to next week. Bis dann. Tschüß!
Elder Jalen Gibbons

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