Monday, October 8, 2012

I love Conference!!!!

Oh my goodness, can you believe it?!!!! 18 year old young men are now able to go on missions!!! We were sitting in the chapel for that session, and the translation was a little slow (that was the only one I watched in German actually), so I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but Elder Eaker said to me, "There are changing the rule!" and I had no idea what rule he was talking about! Then I heard Pres. Monson say "We call every worthy and willing young man of age 18 to answer the call to serve." MEINE GÜTE, I have seldom heard anything more powerful than that!!! And for the young women too! And he wasn't even talking to me anymore haha. But I want to know what all those young men I know felt when he spoke that, because he was talking directly to them! Malcolm, Solomon, Tyler, Tony, Eric, all my friends, did they feel what I did?! What faith is being placed in the youth of the church!! And what tremendous faith is going to be required of them! My only question to them would be: Are you up to the task? I wish I could ask them that now personally, but I am across the pond. (By the way, I am so happy that someone is coming to join me over here :) congratulations Kody!). This work is not easy. I heard that so often, but you don't understand. You cannot understand how hard it is, both mentally and physically and emotionally. They don't have time to think about going or not going, we can't afford wavering. This is the work of the Lord, and we need, just as many said in conference, the best, the strongest in faith, in virtue, men and women who have been touched by the Lord Jesus Christ--just as Elder Holland said, when the Savior touches something or someone, they are NEVER meant to be the same. I am going to ask the same questions to myself for the rest of my life, the questions that he imagined the Savior asking his disciples: Did you think you could go back to what you were before? Did not my life and my love touch your hearts deeper?

Youth of Zion, has your life been touched by the Savior? My friends back home, has the Lord Jesus Christ touched your life? Have you experienced the mighty change of heart, as Elder Christofferson said? Those youth back home preparing to serve missions, Nathan, Yeager, Lindy, those young women I know who have ever thought about serving a mission, what say you now? You are next in line, and you need to be 100 times better than I am. Are you ready at this instant to give up everything and serve the Lord? You are the Hope of Israel, the next generation in God´s kingdom, and we have been called to action. As Robert C. Gay said, we go to the lost, the last, and the least. As Pres. Uchtdorf said, are we ready to commit the best in us to lifting others (sorry, that was Priesthood session)? Our duty is to lift those hands that hang hopelessly down, just as Elder Maxwell said in PMG. We must show righteous courage, be virtuous, and stand in hold places (Gary E. Stevenson). Once again, think on when the Savior has touched your heart, lifted burdens that seemed unbearable, brought peace to your troubled soul. If he hasnt, what is your pavilion hiding you from Him (Pres. Eyring)? When you listen with your heart, you will hear the Savior´s voice, as promised by Sis. Burton. Where are you now on the journey, and really consider where you want to be in the coming years. Do you think you can go back to what you were? Did not the Savior´s life and love touch your heart deeper?
Hope of Israel, rise in might! We cannot afford anything less. Do what you need to do to become who you need to be. Pres. Monson said that the Lord will make up the difference, and the cool thing is that I heard the exact same thing from Bruder Ehlen in the MTC. As Scott Whiting said, "Grit is not temple standard." Take care of things if you need to, show your faith in the Lord. People can change, as Pres. Monson said. You can change. Young men, Elder Christofferson said that we need to be men who women, children, and God can trust. As he also said, our duty in the Priesthood is this: "I stand to assist my brethren in need." Brethren, I am in need, my fellow missionaries are in need, the world is in need of SOLID, HONEST, PURE young men to wear the Lord´s nametag. Once again, my friends, are you up to the task?
Young women, we are of course in need of VIRTUOUS, FAITHFUL women to do the same. Young women who know their Savior, young women solid in testimony of Him and of His priesthood. It is not required of you to serve missions, but if you so wish, are you ready right now?
I can only give testimony to the words spoken by the living prophets and apostles of this church. It is different listening to them speak as a missionary, because we are in the same calling, to preach the gospel to the world. The Spirit bore testimony to everything that was said. We receive counsel from the Lord from a living prophet who speaks with Him. As repeated by many in conference, we must hearken unto Pres. Monson. I bear witness that this church is the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth, and His work will never be stopped. Jacob 5 promises those servants in the vineyard who labor with all diligence joy in their fruits. That is my duty, that is your duty, and the day comes soon when the Lord comes again. Then, as said by Elder Holland, He may ask us if we have loved Him. What is your answer?
Well, speaking of Pres. Monson, I get to go see him on the 20th of Oktober in München!!! It is a meeting for the members, but our zone was invited. I can't wait to hear the prophet speak again. I have standing room only haha but I don't care.
This last week we did lots of service! It was good to just work, but we look forward to finding more people. Sadly, Alex texted us this week and said that he has to do this by himself, so I just texted back in testimony that he doesn't have to do it alone. We will keep in contact if possible, but our duty is to find more people who have been prepared like him. No worries, the Lord will make up the difference.
Mom, I will find a picture for the plaque, but it will be next week ha. Sorry. Keep up the good work in school and any remaining sports Nathan and Kate! I'm sorry the curse of Middleton came again, but there is next year! Keep your head high.
I wish you all the best in your endeavors, meine liebe Famillie und Freunde. Remember who you are and be proud of it. Smile all the way :)
I love you all!
Elder Jalen L. Gibbons

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