Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Week Left!

Hallo Everyone!

Okay, so it is crazy to think that in one week I will be flying to Germany! And here are the Plans: 11:15 flight out of Salt Lake, and straight to Amsterdam, Netherlands!!!!! Meine Gute that is such a long flight! We don't arrive in Amsterdam until 8:15 Wednesday morning. Then we have the flight to Munich at 9:30 I think. So not much time there. But yeah, I am so excited! But not to be sitting on a plane for that long. This week is going to be totally crazy with packing and orientation on Friday, and I think we were going to start packing a few things later today. I just noticed that I am really good at capitalizing like every other word, at least the nouns. But that is German, not english. Sorry for my mistakes.

Okay, I can't remember if I ever told you, but 3 weeks ago my watch broke. The 3 hour marker fell out and would wedge in my second hand, so my time kept stopping. Then I tried to change the time once, and the knob just fell off! So, I have been going off the few clocks around here for 3 weeks (but I am used to it. I am always busy doing something anyway). It was a good watch, but rather useless now. So, I figured I could just wait for Germany and get something, or you could send me one this week. How about I will just wait unless you send me one this week. And if you don't, just let me know in my next email (which will be Monday) that I should just buy one there. It doesn't have to be a really nice one. I even thought that a cool Adidas one like nathan's would be pretty cool. Just something that keeps time haha. And if it has an alarm, even better. So, that is your choice. Oh, really quick, I already sent you guys my letter for the week, but I also wrote Logan Olaso a letter. Will you make sure to give that to him? Thanks! I am so excited for Stephen and Ossie! they are going to do great!

Okay, we had a sub for Bruder Evans on Saturday, and he spoke English since he only knew Italian. He told us that Italian is a very feminine language, and he thinks that German is probably one of the mannliest. But we talked about a lot of good things. The coolest thing he did was to draw us a diagram. A timeline with 24 sections. It represented our day, but also our mission. 1 hour of any activity during the day, he said, will turn into a month in the field. Therefore, we must NOT waste our time. It also showed that compared to all the day's activities, the actual missionary work (while being most important) is a small portion, about 1/4 of this timeline. But everything we do before the actual work is necessary to make the work part effective. So that was really cool.

Oh, all the Independence day stuff was great!! I played soccer in the morning and got elbowed in the eye by some guy who doesn't play soccer, so my eye was appropriately red, white and blue for the weekend. I hope it didn't make the missionaries I hosted on Thursday uncomfotable. I thought it was pretty fun though. Anyway, we had another fireside thing, where they did a flag ceremony and a Judge talked to us about how important it was to have this country in order to exercise our own freedom of religion. He said something cool that I wrote down, which he got from some church sign somewhere in the world. "The best reason to do right today is tomorrow." How true! I like quotes haha. Then we were told not to return to the residence until the fireworks were done, which means we went to bed at 11:30. But I finally found a decent spot to see, and I even found Tyson and Chris somehow. They were wondering what their girlfriends were doing haha but I just wondered what all my friends and family were doing. It was weird, but leaving in a week makes me even more proud of this country. I don't get to do that again for a while.

I have learned so much from Bruder Ehlen and Bruder Evans here. Yesterday was really good too. Bruder Evans talked to us for awhile about door to door, and what struck me most was that "Every single person you meet when going door to door deserves your very best effort." It is a message that will change their lives forever and bring lasting happiness, so why wouldn't we? No excuses. He also said that "the fire that is in your hearts the first day in the field never has to go away!" It is important to have that love for all the men and women we meet, and do our best to help them and bring them happiness. We taught Paul (Ehlen) last night, and it went so well! We talked about a few of the commandments, and related them back to his will to be obedient and be baptized and whatnot. He was really into it, and he just kept smiling at us. I felt like it was an awesome lesson, and we even hugged Paul afterward! Haha but that was our last time teaching Bruder Ehlen :( sad. We have two times with Evans this week tho. That should be good. I can't wait for Monday evening, when our teachers show us their pictures and tell stories and talk about the culture and stuff. It is going to be a quick week.

Well, I have hardly any time left. I didn't even get to read all of the emails, but I printed them out. I am very sad to hear about Bro. Christiansen though :( I never knew him much either, but I knew he was a good man, and he will be missed. What a comfort it is to know that we will live again, and one day their family will be together for eternity, and be truly happy. We are ever indebted to Jesus Christ, yet He is so patient with us in everything. He understands us, He knows us, and He will wait as long as it takes for us to come unto Him. I do my best everyday to have Him by my side, to keep Him in my mind. And I have been so blessed because of it.

I love you all! And hello to all the newly-added email recipients! I believe Dr. Lingel, Noyces, Shawna and Allie, Tiffany, and Sis. Jensen. Hope life is going great! If you don't think so, then make it happen :) The Lord loves you and He can do more with your life than you ever could alone. Don't squander your eternal potential. Keep growing daily.

 Elder Jalen L. Gibbons

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