Monday, February 3, 2014


Well, President Miles has got my ecclesiastical endorsement done, so I gues all I have to do is check out classes. How in the world did I get any priority for registration? Interesting. Now I have a chance to  get some of the classes I want haha. Anyway, that is an update on that. 

As for Mom´s question about the  trachten suit, I have basically given up. But I am actually going to buy lederhosen today :) Time is running out. I have that money from the whole VISA mishap, which Dad said I could just use for things I want before the end of the mission, so I am getting the lederhosen again. It is a must in the mission :) Nothing else says Alpine German-Speaking Mission as good ;) hahaha. Just on the temporal, material good side of things. 

On the spiritual side of things, yesterday was AWESOME! I had a great time at church, and I literally felt like the Spirit opened up my mind and I get excited to learn and figure something out, and let me tell you, the things I figured out about agency are still going through my head. I told the other Elders that I was busy unfolding the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, when they asked why I was so preoccupied with note taking and such. Haha, of course it is all just how it makes sense in my head, I am not receiving revelation for anyone other than me. You should see the notes in my planner, they are all over the place. I love the thrill of the chase, in this case chasing the truth of the gospel and the plan of God. It just makes me happy. Learning and such makes me happy. It is the same feeling I had when I rewrote my stoplight analogy last week, I am just much more focused and have more brain power. And afterwards I was exhausted, towards the end of the day. But my thoughts continued until this morning, when I made some connections that have eluded me until then, and things are still going. I love it. I could tell you all, but I won´t :) because the choices I have made in my life, which have led me to being here and thinking about these things, have prepared my mind for such things, which is why it means a lot to me. Maybe it is not what you need right now, or it wouldn't make sense to you. But when the time comes later, yeah, you can ask. I can´t really explain it over email anyway. But I testify to you that knowledge is light, and that God speaks :) and things make sense, I promise. The catch is, YOU have to make sense of them ;) Anyway, such things get me excited :) sorry.

Well, we werent able to do FHE with the Simic familie, because they all had a bad case of the flu. Dang it :( but they got better and we visited them on Saturday. The boys, Bobi and Michi, left today to go to their first temple trip :) I am so excited for them! They are such great kids. This family is incredible. They look for light and they grab hold of it and won´t let go. They tell their family who comes to visit, and I think at this point that is our best bet for finding new investigators. As Elder Weston and I walk around an ice cold city, we often wonder how nice it would be to have our schedules filled by the members. We go by on people who aren´t there, can´t get ahold of the people who we've found, and the only lessons we have had the last couple weeks were with the Family Simic (and Familie Sumegi, we went and taught them twice as the zone leaders were in Munich this last weekend, they are great). So thanks for letting me write about this, because that gave me a good idea of just teaching the family who have already heard so much about the church from Familie Simic. Super :) 

I get frustrated sometimes when I look back on a week and can´t really see what we have done. But I get over it :) We met with Christopher, for example, the texting guy, on Saturday, and it was a way good appointment, but he just said he wanted to study and he would contact us. It was good what we did, I feel we did the right thing, and listened to the Spirit, but they just have agency. Dang it ;) haha jk, we wouldn't be here if we didnt have agency. It plays a key role in all of the plan. So it is okay. We don´t have any investigators, but we are going to take that time and focus it on less actives and other members. The Lord is leading this work. 

Elder Weston and I are doing great! We just do our best at giving our best. I don´t know anyone who has a bigger heart, or who is so willing to learn (except maybe me, on the learning part... haha). He keeps us all fed, he keeps the atmosphere light, and his German has improved so much. He still doesn't like where he is at, but hey, step by step. I have no idea what will happen at transfers, but he really wants to have another transfer with me (aw, that is sweet). I stopped worrying and wasting my time thinking about transfers a long time ago, probably when I realized they were limited. We shall see what the future holds, but in the next two weeks, we shall see how much more I can learn from his example of love and his eagerness to become better and improve. He is a great man. 

Anyway, I don´t have much more to say. Don´t worry about me :)  Make good choices, for indeed, many choices are for our eternity. (See Decisions for Eternity, Elder Nelson, Oktober 2013 GC). And you will see how much more powerful you are when you make good choices and follow the Savior´s way of life, and then you shall have power over the fiery darts of the adversary. Law and order will always be more powerful than the chaos that Satan creates. :)  Your choice.  
I love you all, and wish you the best! Have a great week! Nice job on the date, Nathan! ;)

Elder Jalen Gibbons

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