Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Dezember

Renate's baptism
Missionaries with Finotto Family in Stuttgart

International Bazaar

With Elder Weston

Wow, goodbye November. What in the world? It´s okay, we still have ONE MONTH left in this year. I have been all over the place in just this year alone.

Greetings from Vienna! Apparently one of the most desired destinations in the world. I love it a lot :) The last few days have been pretty crazy, trying to figure out what is going on in an area we have both never been in. We stopped in Munich on the way to Wien, and I picked up my golden on Wednesday night. The trainers were all supposed to tell them something about their area, and then about an investigator, and then President would say who worked with who :) But when it came to me, I just said I had no idea haha. But that was okay, because like 4 or 5 of the other missionaries there had either just come from Wien 2 or had already served there. And they all love it :) and I do too. We met the ward yesterday, and they are so awesome! Plus, there is a family here who is going to get baptized, and we are meeting with them tomorrow. It is a mom and her three sons, but she also has a 4 year old daughter, she just can´t get baptized yet. I met them at church for the first time, but I love them so much! I sat with them in Sacrament Meeting, and the kids were all asking when we were comnig this week:) They are Serbian, I think, but have been in Germany for a long time. 
So, Elder Jones actually came with us with transfers, so we aren't doing a crazy drit thing, but it has been way fun so far. Hahaha, I suppose I should tell you about my golden! He is Elder Weston, from American Fork, UT! Just like my other "son" :) Oh, and guess what, really quick? Elder Allan is ALSO training for the second time, so I saw him again on Wednesday :) I now have two "grandsons" on the mission. Hahaha. Funny family history. Elder Weston is so great, his blows people out of the water with his testimony. We have had lots of fun just talking to people. Church was a bit much yesterday, as it is for every golden, and he was pretty shell schocked. But it was good :) He is so excited and grateful to be here, and ready to do whatever we need to do. AND...... he loves to cook!!!!! We have eaten very well the last few days, and shopping today will be exciting. We are all blessed, Elders Botcherby and Jones and I. Oh, Elder Botcherby says hello :) We keep looking at each other and we are surprised that we are back together, in the same place at least haha. So much fun. We are going to check out some Weihnachtmarkts tonight, we are so excited. 
Saying goodbye to Stuttgart was.... okay. I learned a lot there. It was really hard on me, but on Wednesday, the day I left, I finally got my answer.  For so long I was just so confused and wondering what I had done wrong, why things were so hard. But then Chris´ email, from like the end of November, was kinda the Lord´s icing on the cake, the seal on the letter. Chris shared a quote from Pres. Monson. "Never let a problem to be solved become more impotant than a person to be loved." Looks kinda like my thoughts from my email about testimony, oder? At least I was on the right track.
Well, I don't have much time left. I forwarded some pictures of Renate´s baptism, hope you got it. I will send a couple more. Also, a picture of Elder Weston and I, in front of the India exhibit at the International Bazaar. We went and did service setting everything up. It was so cool :) You see all the bottles of jam on the Great Britain table? Yeah, I moved it there :)
Anyway, have a great week! Love one another! It makes you happy. And remember, the Lord´s ways are not ours. He knows what He is doing, so trust Him. I love you all :) Hopefully the bitter winter freezes a smile on your face :)
Elder Jalen Gibbons
PS. Sorry that Dad is falling apart. I told him to be careful ;) Hope he gets better soon! Love you Dad!
PPS. I tried to get you into my mission experience, but you didn't have to go lose your luggage! Well, I know how you feel. Really. But it is okay, clothes can be replaced.

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