Monday, June 17, 2013

Liebe Grüße von Schwabenland!

He, griaß euch :) man, this week has been SOOOOOO CRAZYYYYY!!!!!???!§"!! And mostly just in the last 4 days. Let me explain :)
Elder Davies is an incredible man. We have so much fun. And we are just always doing something! Which I like a lot. I have my own phone now, that is pretty cool, I guess. But yeah, I am getting ahead of myself. I did get the chance to say goodbye to everyone in Landshut, all the investigators and such. And there was much time spent packing. But I did it! We didn´t do anything too exciting on Pday. I think we had what, like four appointments? No, three, and two worked out. We had a great appointment with Frau Kuhn, the lady I found on finding day! She was very nice, we talked about what the Book of Mormon means for her. I hope Elder Allan and Hustead get to meet with her often, because she was cool. Our meeting on Tuesday was also way cool! We took a picture, I saw Elder Robins and Elder Stapleton (who is now home :o ) and shook Elder Nelson´s hand, as well as his wife´s and the hands of the other general authorities there. We had Elder (and Sister) Soares from the first quorum of the 70, and Elder Patrick Kearon, from England, whose accent I love, and then Elder Fingeley from Germany, an area authority here. And then the stake president from Salzburg and Pres. Auras from Munich :) There were many inspired words spoken, and Elder Nelson told us to master the language, and then he took some questions. He also gave us a blessing to be true disciples of Christ, to be obedient, and alles. His wife spoke about receiving the spiritual gifts that counteract and overcome our weaknesses. That was also very good. One part that stuck out a lot to me was what Elder Kearon said. He spoke about the power and authority of our calling, and he shared the quote from Pres. Kimball in that section in PMG chapter one. About being set apart, from all things of the world that are low, vicious, crude, vulgar, etc. And it was perfect for me, because I had been feeling like I was just stuck living in a world where morals and all things that are good and from God are trampled upon, and it was just getting me downhearted and sad. I was low on confidence in the people we talked with or saw on the street, because I let the verderbheit der Welt crush my faith. But then Elder Kearon spoke about grasping the power, the literal power, of our setting apart, and just knowing that we can do this. It was awesome. We didn't have much time to talk with others, although I talked with the Halls from Klagenfurt :) I was excited to see them. We had our own zone meetings after that, and then we all had to go head home.
We helped Sisters Garrett and Regnier get to the train (which was our train as well) with the many heavy boxes of Books of Mormon they had to bring home. I don´t know how they would have made it without help, so glad we could be there. They talked to a very drunk young guy on the train, who came up to me and asked what we were doing, and I answered. But then he turned to Elder Allan and said, can you speak German, because I don´t understand what that guy is saying (pointing to me). So I just sat behind him and laughed as he talked with the Sisters and Elder Allan :) They did very well. Then later he talked to me again, this time with no problems. Drunk people. They are ridiculous, and they are not very respectful. But hey, the gospel can help them! :) He took a Book of Mormon with them.
Anyway, that is basically all the news about Landshut. So, transfer day came! I was the ticket holder for all the missionaries headed to the Stuttgart zone, so I got to ride with Elder Janis (who is going to be ZL in the new Freiburg Zone, with Elder McClellan!!) and three goldens, and Elder George from my group, and then a couple other Elders who, until now, I have only known by name. There are two new Sisters in the zone, and then one Elder. The sisters were fast tracked, they were talking about how 3 weeks ago they were home! That is really crazy. But they are all really cool :) We have a pretty young zone, and Elder Davies and I are excited :) We got to ride an ICE train, and it was the nicest train I have ever been on! But we had to spread our luggage out all over the train, like 3 cars. So we started gathering them all when we were close to arriving. I had a couple bags in my hands, so I just lined up some of the suitcases along the corridor to the door, and then I dropped the bags in my hand off and went quickly to check that the Sisters had all their stuff off the train a few cars down. Then I came back to where the Elders had been unloading the rest of the bags. My bags weren´t there! So I ran to the train door, but they wouldn't open. And then, my two suitcases took off on the way to Berlin. :O Uh oh. By this time, I am assuming you are probably freaking out! But just remain calm, ge? I am not freaking out. We have told the DB, they have the bags in file, and Pres. Miles also called the Berlin Mission President and the Berlin President is going to Berlin bahnhof today to ask about my bags. So, things are going as well as they can. :) What a story this will be in the future, eh? The Bensons, the senior couple here in Stuttgart, heard about my misfortune and they have done so much for me! Locating me clothes and giving me money to buy a couple new shirts and pairs of pants. Because all of my clothes are in my two suitcases. All I had in my carry-on bag was my books and such, to save weight. I figured I would be with my luggage the whole time... But everyone has been very helpful, and really, I am okay :) I am so happy, there are cool things happening. So, just laugh with me, okay? That was my biggest story.
Suttgart is very pretty, and it is hilly! No more flatness! It isn't the mountains, but I will be okay with Taco Bell :) (all on the military bases, to which the international ward Elders have access ;) ) I am pretty excited. We are playing soccer today with some of the Elders, and we have planned a zone pday already, and a zone service project. I miss being so close in on all that is going on in the districts, and I wish I could see all the missionaries more often and speak with them. I just love them all, we are going to work miracles. Oh, and next week I will finally get my rematch with Sister Holmstead, we are playing Füßball again :) My only problem is that I have to borrow everyone else´s stuff to wear, cuz I have nothing.... just a minor complication.
Being a missionary is awesome! I wish you could know the ways I have grown and the happiness I have experienced. You just have to do it yourselves, then you will understand. I don´t want to be anywhere else! I love it. I hope one day many of you will also have the experience. Just choose the right, choose to be happy, and follow the Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, He loves us, and He guides us through His servants on earth. There is nothing that cannot be healed by His great love and sacrifice for us. Come to Him, and there will be peace in your life.
I love you all so much! I love the Savior so much. I am glad that you are enjoying all your adventures in life, girls camp, scout camp, work, whatever you are doing these days. I hope you find time to smile (there is always time, just so you know :) ). Have a great week.
Elder Jalen Gibbons
PS I wanted to send pictures, but these computers are weird. Sorry.


  1. Elder Gibbons - you are amazing! I am so glad that I found your blog by coincidence, though, but so I am able to get to know you even better!!!

    You have been a blessing to the Landshut branch and members love you and trusted you. It is all about trust in the Lords work. You have to be real, honest and full of love. Then it is easy with us Germans :)

    Thank you and your family for your sacrifices and faith. YOu have touched the heart of many people in Landshut and will remain in their memories forever. Please stay in touch with them, write them, after your mission - call them. Never give up, their conversion just started and you were the spark. Now their need to be winds to ignite the fire in them.

    You became a great friend to me and my family and my children love you very much!!!

    Now, serve the Stuttgart Zone as best as you can and move on in the Lord´s way.

    All the best,
    Michael Auras
    Munich Germany Stake

    1. President Auras,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words. It does our hearts good to know that our son is so well cared for while he is away from us. We know he loves you, your family and your stake very much. We are so grateful to you and the many members who have made him feel loved and one with you in the work of the Lord.

      Thank you again for your kind words! We are not sure if he ever looks at the blog right now so we will make sure he gets your message.

      Jeff & Katie Gibbons