Monday, September 17, 2012

Grüß euch :)

Hallo liebe Geschwister! Es get mir immernoch gut bei Arbeit und Deustch Sprechen. Aber, jetzt ist die Zeit, Englisch zu sprechen. Ich denke das ist besser für euch, oder? (Dear brothers and sisters! I am still improving at work and Deustch speaking. But, now is the time to speak English. I think it is better for you, right?) So, how is it going??!! What did you guys do to make your week ridiculously awesome?! Time is one of the greatest gifts we have, and we should use it like we appreciate it! I have noticed that more and more the last few days, because I am already halfway through my second transfer! Where has it gone?!

Well, I got an email from Elder Jacob Taylor (from my MTC district, also from Meridian, ID!) last week, with a picture of some graffiti that said "BSU" haha. So, BSU is apparently well represented in Göttingen, Deutschland ;) It was cool hearing from him.

Oh, thanks so much for the packet!! I wore my new tie to the baptism yesterday, and I have probably eaten half of the fruit snacks. I also got a letter from Sis. Eagley, signed by Nathan and Kate and some of their friends (by the way, someone want to trip Hannah Guyer for me? :)  Not for real, but she will understand haha). Then I got another card from Sis. Eagley, with a picture of her CTR 7 class. That was nice :)

Mensch, I also got a letter from Rachel Hamilton, a friend from my Writing 150 class at BYU! She found my address on Mom´s blog and wrote me haha. She also was very confused by the address, but I am just letting her know (if she reads this) that I got it! So, that was a pleasant surprise. I also got another letter from Kacy, which was great! It was a good mail week. By the way, since transfers are in 3 weeks, and I don't know where I am going, or if I am staying, I would suggest anyone trying to send letters that they go to the Mission Home address bitte! So Lommelstraße 7, 81479 (I think; Mom, you should check the code, danke) Munich, Germany. So yeah, before I forget.

So this week we went a little for adventurous with our food! Well, I did. I bought mushrooms and put them on our pizzas, but I also put them on schnitzel! I sauteed them, and also decided to throw some honey in the pan. So, honey-sauteed mushrooms= Awesome and delicious! I was pretty happy. So yeah, we always have a couple really good frozen pizzas, with potato wedges or fries, or we make Chinese. Or just grilled cheese with eggs or something. But the members feed us about once a week or so, which is always great!

So 9/11 in Austria, I almost forgot about it. But I remembered it! So, happy birthday Shannon Reed! But yeah, I hope everyone had a good remembrance day.

The weather is so nice now! Except when it rains haha. It's still nice then, but not on bikes... But it feels like Christmas is coming. I love this time of year!!! So that is exciting for me at least.

Well, this week we decided to teach the law of chastity to a picture of Joseph and Potiphar´s wife, just to practice, and that was really fun :) haha. We do our best to make our study times exciting, since we are still sitting inside for like an extra hour with my 12 week program. Almost done with it! (The 12-week program is for training new missionaries once they arrive at their assigned place--he's almost not a new missionary anymore!)

Well, I saw a couple miracles this week. First of all, we taught Marco EVERYTHING in 3 days! That was pretty intense, but the miracle came after his interview with the Zone Leaders. Elder McClellan came out and asked if he could sign the certificate thing...which we had left at home on accident.... So, the ZLs had to go back to Salzburg soon, and we had no Taufschein (certificate). But, we looked around and there was just ONE sitting in the closet in the library. Didn't belong there, but it was there for us! Then, we had an awesome day in Villach on Saturday! We found three awesome potentials who we gave Books of Mormon to. One of them said he was having some tough times, and that he hoped the Book of Mormon would help him. So we said "Yeah, IT WILL!!!! We promise!" So that was awesome. We found these people in just two buildings, when we couldn't get ahold of another person we were trying to reach. And yeah, the fear of not understanding very well has kinda just disappeared! I was actually just super excited to talk to the people behind these doors, and I just said what came to my head. So that has finally come!!! And I love it! I have been speaking German much more, which makes it come more naturally, and I am so excited! So, Heavenly Father has really been helping me, and I can only do His work and show Him my thanks.

Well, miracles happen, and you can see them everyday, I promise! I also am thinking about Ether 12:27 right now, about weaknesses. If you choose a weakness you want to work on, then Heavenly Father will help you! It will become stronger, and you will be amazed at how you have changed. And it will work for anyone and for anything. I can promise that.

Well, I love you all, and I am so glad everything is going well! Good luck with sports and school, Nathan and Kate, and work for Dad, and piano lessons and such, Mom. Hello to all of my friends!

Never stop smiling!  :)

Elder Jalen Gibbons

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