Monday, August 27, 2012


Grüezi liebe Familie und Freunde!
Hey Mom, so you keep asking about emails and stuff and I always forget (like Tyson's emails and whatnot), so I just have to say that I never have enough time to read them all haha. It was much better when you sent them to me in the mail. Tyson did just send an email to me that I got today, and it was shorter, but yeah, I am always rushed on time when I do this. So I emailed him back already, but I still have you guys and president, with about 30 minutes. So wie so (anyway) do you print off all of our emails (the ones you send and then mine)? That would be awesome to have in a scrapbook or something. But yeah, I love my emails and have no way to print them off :( so I read them about once and then forget about all the cool stuff. So, could you do that, if you haven't already? Danke sehr.
So, this week was a tough one. We got Federica´s confirmation yesterday in church, and then NOTHING! Not a single lesson, not a single investigator, we didn't even give out a Book of Mormon! Elder Eaker was not happy. At all. But it was mostly with himself, thankfully not me. You know what, I feel okay. I know I can work harder and do better, and I know that the Lord will bless us for making ourselves better each day. I look at this as a friendly reminder to try harder everyday, to push myself until I am comfortable being uncomfortable. And that is what I plan on doing. We really worked hard this week too! We visited every single person that we found on our ward Mission Saturday, and we went by on tons of formers, less actives and potentials. But we just had a rough week, not much success out of it, except for an appointment this week. So, it is much like life anyway! We hit those patches, but with more meaningful scripture study, more heartfelt prayer, and deeper commitment to serve others and forget yourself, anyone will be blessed with strength to overcome. It works for missionaries, and it will work for you.
I am very glad that I sounded so excited last week haha. Once again, I can't print things off so now I can't remember what I talked about. I think if I had them all in a scrapbook like I said earlier, I could go back and read them someday and remember exactly how I felt that day, or that week. Mensch, I am grateful that my memory is blessed enough to remember things well. Haha, speaking of that, I can go somewhere for the first time in Klagenfurt and then remember how to get there any other time after, but Elder Eaker gets all confused with directions and then doubts me (until I prove him right ;) ) That is always fun.
Thanks for all the pictures from the reunion! I was so excited to get my shirt and complete (almost) my photo album. I still have two slots left for anything. But, that made my day to get mail.
I got my VISA last week. That was really exciting as well! Of course my picture looks like I am a serial killer, but at least I am an officially VISA-ed one ;)
 Oh mensch, transfers! I am staying here with Elder Eaker, but Graz is actually losing the Elders and getting two sisters! Then another area by Graz that was closed is opening again with an elder and whoever he is training! I hope it is someone I know from the MTC. That would be so cool to have someone I know from there in my district. So I am pretty stoked!
This last week I really started speaking more German. I realized that I spoke too much English, and that didn't really show the love that I have for German. It started slow and rough, but now it is much more natural. And I can really understand better too! So that was a highlight of our otherwise unsuccessful (in my companion´s eyes) week. No big worries here, personally.
Well, I gave my second-ever blessing this last week. But it was in English again haha. It was for Sister Hall, who hadn't been feeling well. But mensch, that was still freaky! Came out of nowhere and of course my mind just blanked. But thankfully I don't have to rely on myself, and that was about the only comfort I got haha. Twas enough, nonetheless.
 We fixed my companion´s bike finally! So we have been riding around more again, including yesterday in the rain, the result of which was getting soaked (even tho I thought that the coat I had on, from the apartment, was waterproof; proved otherwise). That was really fun. It only makes my wife prettier, geh? (geh means "right?"). ;) (There's a missionary tradition that says the more you tract in bad weather, the more beautiful your wife will be!)
So last night we stopped by the Halls and they made us come in, and then they made us let them feed us, and then wouldn't let us say otherwise! They turned on the MoTab´s pioneer day special, which featured Katherine Jenkins from Wales. Mensch, it was so good! And I realized, again, that I am more sensitive to the Spirit through music and videos, and especially the two together! I also sing a lot when riding my bike around and stuff, cuz everything is so much more fun to sing auf Deustch haha. Then it reminded me of Mom and Kate chastising me because I wouldn't sing in the car with Kacy haha. Sorry Kacy... :)
Well, this email seems really scatterbrained and short to me, and I don't like it! I always try to have some main spiritual thought, since it is my call to help lift others up! I don't know if you ever get much out of it or not, but I can try nonetheless. (I've used that word twice today--not bad). I was glad to see Kody is excited about them (Jalen's and Tyson's mission emails) haha. And yes, tell me as soon as you know where Logan is going!!!!!!! Meine Gute ich bin so begeistert!!! (My goodness I'm so excited!) And Kody as well, whenever he knows.
So, a couple quotes to end ( I really love quotes).
First, the Great Paradox of Man: Man is nothing compared to God, yet we mean EVERYTHING to Him. Mensch, think about that one for awhile. God loves us so much, but we know that it is because He wants us to become like Him. So, live up to your potential, eh?
Second: Ein Gramm gutes Beispiel gilt mehr als ein Zentner Worte. ( one gram of good example is worth more than one hundred kilograms of words). Always set a good example, but also try and keep your words thoughtful and meaningful. I read in the Bible today that fools utter everything on their minds. So, be wise, what can I say more?
I love you all, and am immer dankbar für eure Unterstützung (forever grateful for your support). Remember your potential as children of a loving Heavenly Father. Always be good and never stop smiling :)
Elder Jalen Gibbons

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